About Petalyn Albert

“My gift is helping you to move spaciously through the middle and the aftermath of change… without spinning your wheels!”

Petalyn AlbertIn 2006 Petalyn suffered a loss so painful it almost broke her. But she made a conscious choice not to give into despair. She decided there had to be a way to use the pain, turn the unbearable into a legacy of love that would move her forward with focus and purpose.

Discovering how to put her own grief to work, she began to work closely with widows using her Good Grief formula with great success.

Since then she has created a new recover-and-revive program for women facing life-changing events. She affectionately calls it a spa for the heart because true healing and success begins within and radiates outward. And it work! The benefits affect every part of life and continue to increase over time!

“Since then I’ve guided many women back to clarity, confidence and excitement about their future.

Change-events dramatically impact the way we see our-self. They are supposed to change us. This is how we wake up again to what really matters.

The choice is yours.

“My mission is your brilliant success!”

Petalyn Albert, CPCC – Professional Background

Petalyn AlbertPetalyn Albert  became a certified professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) in 2006, and a certified Divorce Coach (CDC) in 2015. She received her Doctor of Divinity (DD) in 1994. She is also a certified Hypnosis Therapist.

Petalyn brings her own experience with major change, personal transformation, and loss to her work, as well as a strong background in behavioral psychology. She comes from three generations of  successful entrepreneurs and small-businesses owners. In 2009 she became the head of marketing for two high-end remodeling firms, and significantly increased their exposure and recovery. Within just 3 years of the 2008 recession the companies revenue returned to near pre-recession numbers.

Nevertheless, her life-long calling has always been to work with smart, talented women (women like her mother and grandmothers) to ensure they go for what they want and get it done. Ironically, the smartest women really do need someone to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them because they are the ones so many others rely on.

Petalyn Albert specializes in guiding women to transform uncertainty, fear of disappointing others,  anxiety about the future, and even their unclaimed grief, into rich awakenings that propel them into joyful, abundant, and fearless living.

She is widely regarded as a spiritual mentor whose insight, strength, warmth and kindness inspire her clients to make their most desired changes from deep inside-out. Although born in Vermont, Petalyn lived in the Caribbean, South America, England, Scotland, and Ireland until the age of twenty before moving to California.

A broad exposure to different people, cultures, religions, and personal challenges have all taught Petalyn that mystical wisdom is not the reward of a special few—but the activating force necessary for our individual development, which ultimately (and collectively) determines the future of the world.

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