Praise for Our Custom VIP Program

In Their Own Words What clients and alumni are saying to their friends.

Clients and alumni are confident, proud of themselves, and talking to their friends about their successes.

In Their Own Words:

“Its been life-changing! I actually took the assessment years ago but our work together changed everything. I had no idea how to really use the information until I put it to use under your guidance. It’s been key in growing a level of confidence I didn’t have before. Understanding why I felt so unappreciated at work and how to tap into the ruling strengths behind that has opened so many doors for me. I’m now receiving offers from other companies who value who I am as well as my expertise. I couldn’t have done any of this without you!”
Amy H (level 2 graduate)
Head of Protocol, Scientist at Genentech
San Mateo

“I am so very glad I took the leap of faith to invest in Petalyn’s life changing program, getting to deeply know the powerful me I can never now un-know. I find myself more confident with every call, and the V.I.P day at her lovely home was a very special treat I know we will continue to build from… the sky is literally the limit!”
Victoria I. (level 1)

“Petalyn this program gives me so much relief!! thank you so much.. You are a blessing for me and I thank god that I met you!!”
Yadira L. (level 2 graduate)
Managing Director
Silicon Valley 

“I love this process. As I was interacting with people yesterday, I felt much more present and authentic. It’s just the beginning and I know we’re on to something great here! I’m grateful to you and all that you bring to this world.”
Jennifer H. (level 1)
Carmel, CA

“You are one of the biggest reasons I am who I am today. I wanted to thank you for all of your support.  You helped me see who I truly am, AND that I am capable of being the unstoppable super woman… I’m excited in this next chapter of my life. It’s been almost 10 years when this journey began with you. Here I am today, such a different person.”
Mary P.
San Bruno, CA

“This was my breakthrough and it was very important to go through. So happy about this Petalyn. Thank you again so much for your energy.”  Danielle C.

“I love Petalyn!  She is extremely intuitive. Her preparation gets you grounded so that you have the best experience possible and allows you to really connect with your own heart and body. If you have the chance to work with her, take it and get everything from it that you can!!”
Cheryl H. San Diego


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