Initial Stage of Getting a Divorce

Make Your Decisions from a Place of Stability and Knowing

I will guide you to that place.Initial Stage of Getting a Divorce

Knowing if or when to end a marriage is an emotionally painful process. And it’s difficult to make decisions and get answers in a state of anxiety, overwhelm and concern about your future.

  • What do I do? Who do I need to call?
  • Should I spend money or just sit tight?
  • What do I need to know that I don’t know?

Your first thought may be to call a lawyer. And lawyers are good—at legal issues.

However, they’re not going to provide the guidance you need to move away from pain and bounce forward with renewed passion that skyrockets you to your brightest days.

This is where I can be a positive, transformative partner in your life.

Plus, I have a referral network of top-flight professional resources that will be at your fingertips.

Divorce doesn’t have to be a bleak ending. It can be a starting point that takes you along a new path that brings you more joy and abundance than ever.

As your transformation guide and certified divorce coach, I’ll guide you through every step so you can:

  • Make decisions from a place of confidence and knowing—instead of fear
  • Understand the array of positive options and choices you have in your time of need
  • Become connected to professional resources that serve your best interests

Walking alone is tough when you’re stepping into the unknown.
I’d like to walk with you, so you can step into your victory!

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Divorce will change you. But you get to choose how!