I see people, strangers, and I see states and emotions. I see their expressions, mirages of times in my life, before-times, and I remember those I have loved, myself, and those I love now. And when I see people, strangers, I feel love – a familiar affection, though they do not know me at all.

Petalyn Albert best bay area divorce coach

Just when you think you’ve said goodbye, you say goodbye again…

For You… the one who was left behind. The one who, despite the love that went away, or the reasons it was a good-thing, still hoped to hold onto friendship. After all, you said to yourself, when love is real it never really dies, right? So what’s the harm in remaining family… or good friends?

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Success Begets Re-sets

It happens like this. Everything you’ve been working toward comes to life. The universe churns out celebration after celebration, miracle after miracle. And then, like the dreaded morning-after, you find yourself awake and disoriented. Then the voices come… has the intoxication and glitter of that long glorious night really ended. If so, for how long? Am I alone

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From Fear to Fresh Purpose – Client Highlight

Jasmine Leal Jasmine’s first name has been changed to protect her privacy. This story is published with her approval. 90 Days ago: Marital Status: Unhappily married Age: 31 Kids: 2 Boys Issue: Feeling unable to end marriage. Trapped by fear of what’s next and fear of being alone. Deep feelings of hopelessness and being stuck. Jasmine’s Story: “I

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The Problem With Positivity

“The lesson will always repeat itself, unless you see yourself as the problem–not others.” ― Shannon L. Alder   In a conversation with a colleague the other day, I discussed positivity. This is an adjective Gallup’s StrengthsFinders assessment uses to describe an innate, knee-jerk response mechanism that many lead with to find the silver-lining behind every

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