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You pride yourself on being smart and independent.
That’s why this struggle to get on with it feel so distressing.

getting on with life after divorce

It’s not easy to face business-as-usual and divorce with your typical flare, is it? It’s true or you wouldn’t be reading this right now! You’re ready to just get on with it! But clarity on exactly what you want for yourself now is challenging to imagine, and its difficult to sustain your normal enthusiasm for the demands of the day.

It’s not a question of intelligence. You’re brilliant! You’ve accomplished more than most. Its a matter of heart, and renewed meaning.

You know its time to stop spinning your wheels. This isn’t who you are! Its time to get back to being you again.  And with a skilled partner by your side, you’ll be driving forward into your greatest life in less time than you can imagine.

My philosophy is simple.

Petalyn Albert Certified Divorce Coach

“Divorce will change you. And you get to decide how!”

Refresh, Restore, feel certain about your future again…  it’s time and you deserve it!

Whether its divorce or a nagging desire for what’s next that brings you here, there’s a strong new beginning waiting for you. This is the springboard for a fresh experience of life and your business. The best is still ahead!

Experience renewed peace and grace as you launch a true path of self-appreciation and real fulfillment.

Everything is possible. Grab my hand and let’s walk through it together!

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